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Rekha B. Bhatt

Block 829, #05-508

Yishun Street 81

Singapore 760829

h. +65 67575949

c. +65 97371094





Senior Telecom Consultant specializing in Designing ‘Hi-Speed Optical Core Networks’ (SDH/SONET, DWDM), Data (ATM, IP) and Access Networks (DSLAM, PDH), and Network Management Systems. Areas of expertise include evaluating Multi-vendor products (Alcatel, ECI, Lucent, Tellabs, Huawei, Cisco etc) and Providing the most suitable & cost effective technical solutions. Solutioning Heterogeneous NMS Systems applied to Large-Scale DWDM/SDH and Data Networks. Experience ranges from Designing, Architecture and Management of SDH and DWDM networks. Highly experienced in responding to Multimillion-Dollar tenders from Major Telecom Providers and putting together of the Technical Proposals, Compliances and Bill Of Material for submission.




Currently Attending Graduate school

M.B.A E-Commerce

Annamalai University, India

(Graduating in Dec ‘05) 


1994 B.E. Computer Science & Engineering

Regional Engineering College

Trichy, India





SingTel Aeradio Pte Ltd  (NCS Communication Engg. Pte Ltd.)

Senior Consultant (Telecom Infrastructure)

September 2000 to Present:


Performing a Techno-Commercial role by providing Pre-sales in Telecom Infrastructure solutions for corporate customers locally and in the region.




§          Designing and Planning Hi–Speed Core Optical Networks.

§          Designing end-to-end Integrated Management Solutions Public Networks based on Optical Network and Broadband.

§          Lead discussions on product/solution value propositions as well as technical specifications.

§          Development and delivery of Pre-sales Product/ Solution Presentations

§          Understanding the business and technical deliverable relationships in all functional areas & applying technical knowledge to propose customer solutions (written/presentations). Translating work items, dependencies and information about available resources into integrated project plans.

§          Working together with the Sales team to provide a business proposal /solution in line with the commercial and technical requirements of the customer

§          Responding to customer RFP/RFI with Technical proposals and Technical Compliances.

§          Coordination of product demonstrations and evaluations with potential customers

§          Lead customer clarification meetings to present and clarify the submitted proposal

§          Handing over the project to Project team for project deployment

§          Product and solution evaluation along with product comparison and Market research


Core Activities:


§          Local, Regional and Global pre sales support Mainly on Optical network solutions, Broadband and access solutions.

§          Presales on Multi-vendor products/solutions including Lucent, Tellabs, Alcatel, ECI, Huawei and Cisco.

§          Solutioning based on technologies such as SDH, SONET, PDH, DWDM, Data comm. networks, ATM, DSLAM and IP. Focusing on the convergence of the above-mentioned technologies.

§          Pre-Sales support for projects in Singapore and the region – including Technical Bid Management.

§          Working with both Network operators and Integrated Management system vendors – to define solutions to integrate partners (Alcatel, Lucent) Management Systems into existing/developing Operational Support System application

§          Designing Optimal DCN solutions (In-Band and Out-Of-Band) for the network infrastructure proposed to the customer.

§           Support for Customer Presentations, Demonstrations and Equipment Trials for both management solutions and optical, IP and ATM Networking products.



Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd, Singapore

Systems & Network Engineer

May 1998 to August 2000


Key Responsibilities as Team Leader:


§          Leading a team of engineers to effectively handle the operations

§          Setting up Business Processes and Policies for Operations

§          Provide an execution plan for the daily/monthly operation activities

§          Developing and implementing SLA for the internal customer

§          Leading the team to set up and handle helpdesk operations

§          Implementing knowledge base for Helpdesk operation

§          Customer feedback by means of survey and regular customer meetings

§          People Management and Team building

§          Mentoring for the team members and knowledge sharing

§          Translating Departments business goals into Personal commitment goals

§          Identifying and working towards Cycle Time Reduction in current processes and procedures

§          Using key behaviors like Customer Satisfaction, Cross-functional effectiveness, acting with creativity and driving for results

§          Preparing for the corporate audit and other external assessment


Key Responsibilities as Systems & Network Consultant:


§          Detailing requirements, preparing a technical solution design and acting as a project lead during implementation.

§          Evaluating new technologies and Planning the actual process.

§          Accurately analyze end user information to gain insight in technical solution opportunities.

§          Communicate in a timely and effective manner with the corporate team and global divisions

§          Acting as the point of escalation within the technical team

§          Make decisions based on established processes and procedures.

§          Co-ordinate resources in delivery teams and apply the methodology.


Key Responsibilities as Project Manager:


§          Planning and implementation of assigned projects on time, on budget and to required standards. Manage overall implementation effort

§          Devise Implementation Plan which includes project mission and objectives, timelines, milestones, resource planning.

§          Integrate and communicate all project plans, contracts and proposals.

§          Manage and co-ordinate with vendors and third parties.

§          Procurement management and follow-up with Accounts Department.

§          Provide purchasing services to customers

§          Ensure project control procedures are implemented

§          Track and report progress and escalate issues to Support Manager when necessary

§          Lead post implementation reviews and document the process/learning

§          Lead Project to completion.



Hewlett Packard Pte Ltd, Singapore

Express Response Center Division

Network Engineer

Nov 1997 to April 1998




Implementing solutions based on:

§          Windows NT Server v3.51 and v4.0

§          Windows NT Workstation v3.51 and v4.0

§          Windows ’95 and Windows v3.1

§          Lotus Domino Server v4.5 and Web Server



Hewlett Packard Pte Ltd, Singapore

Asia Pacific Distribution Office Division

Network Engineer/Application Developer

May 1997 to Oct 1997




Installation, migration, maintenance and administration of -

§          Windows NT Server v3.51 and v4.0

§          Windows NT Workstation v3.51 and v4.0

§          Windows ’95 and Windows v3.1

§          Windows NT backup on HP Surestore

§          Lotus Domino Server v4.5 and Web Server

§          HP NetServer LH Pro with 100 VG LAN card


§          Application Development & Programming

Lotus Notes on the MR (Maintenance Request) for the APDO I.T. dept.

§          This application is used by the Requestors to raise MR’s, which the APDO-IT dept. processes to meet the needs of the users.

§          This Application was solely re-designed and developed by me

§          Preparation of documents for Internal Audit purposes

§          Documentation of the Lotus Notes application



Hitachi Asia Ltd. (Singapore)

Network Specialist

Jan 1997 to Apr 1997




Implementing Solutions based on

§          Windows NT Server v3.51 with Lotus Notes Server v4.x

§          Novell NetWare v3.x to v4.x, NetWare Connect and NetWare Lite

§          Backup Solutions



Computer Assist Dubai, U.A.E

Network Engineer

 Jun 1996 to Oct 1996




Implementing Solutions based on

§          Windows NT Server v3.51

§          Novell NetWare v3.x to v4.x

§          Lotus Notes v4.0 and v3.0 and Lotus Fax Servers

§          OS/2 Operating System

§          cc: Mail and Ms-Mail v3.2

§          Backup solutions

§          Network Implementation and Upgrades

§          Technical support to Sales personnel

§          After Sales Support

§          Client Training and Briefings



Microland Ltd. Madras, India

Network Engineer

July 1994 to May 1996




Implementation and Support for

§          Windows NT v3.51 Servers

§          Novell NetWare v3.12 and v4.1

§          Ms-mail v3.2a, Fax Gateways and SMTP Gateways

§          Citrix Servers

§          Cisco Routers for Wan link via Hughes VSAT

§          Micom multiplexers

§          Network Management using Intel LanDesk Manager

§          Client Training and

§          Backup Solutions





Available on Request



Skills Sheet



Skills Sheet

Technical Certifications

Technical Product


Technical Expertise

System Software

WAN Technologies

MCSE Windows NT 4.0 May 2000


MICOM® Certification Oct 95


Unix 2.x Sys Admin. & Advanced Sys Admin at Sun Microsystems

Exceed® (X Emulation Software) Humming Bird

Tellabs Martis DXX GMU/SDH, A111, Focus LX

Lucent IP Telephony Training, SDH products

Alcatel Optinex products (SDH, Access, DWDM, DXC, Multi-service)

Huawei Broadband and IAM products

SUN product Training


ECI VoIP Workshop, XDM product training


Cisco, Cabletron


Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron, Micom


3Com, HP, Synoptics
Intel PCs

Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, TI, Acer & custom made

Intel Servers

Compaq, HP, and IBM

Alcatel, Huawei, Lucent and ECI Optical network products

SUN Solaris 2.x

Lotus Notes Server 4.x

Microsoft Windows 3.x, 95, 98

Microsoft Windows NT Server/ Workstation 3.51 and 4.0

Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, MS Mail

MS Exchange

Netscape Mail, LDAP Server, Checkpoint Firewall, Clearcase for NT, NFS SOLO, Exceed, IIS Webserver.

Lotus Notes Domino Server v4.5 and clients

Integrated Synchronous Digital Network (ISDN)

IPX/SPX Protocol


Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model

TCP/IP protocol stack

Dial-Up Networking Ethernet (IEEE 802.2 & 802.3)

Token Ring (IEEE 802.5) FTP






Telecommunication Expertise

§      Strong IP and SDH, SONET/DWDM Network Designing skills

§      Highly skilled in Providing High Availability and Redundant NMS Solutions for the Optical networks

§      Strong DCN Solution Design skills for Telecom Transmission and Access Networks

§      Designing cost effective solutions for customers and recommending the appropriate equipments based on product comparison studies

§      Development and delivery of Pre-sales Product/ Solution Presentations

§      Designing Access networks including Leased line and DSLAM ( xDSL) networks

§      Designing data convergence on Optical network ( Ethernet and ATM on SDH or  ESCON / FICON etc on DWDM)

§      Pre sales experience in planning a NMS version upgrade and Infrastructure expansion

§      Solutions for 3G infrastructure

§      Pre sales experiences with OSS Solutions

Management Skills

§       Project Planning and Management

§       Operations Planning and Operations Review

§       Quality Improvement or Change Management Projects

§       Able to rapidly learn and assimilate new technologies as they emerge

§       Excellent Consulting Skills - internal-personal skills to listen to clients and colleagues

§       Ability to make Presentations using tools like Microsoft PowerPoint.

§       Business Process, Analysis and Design

§       Business Process Implementation

§       Project Management Skills and Experience

§       Customer handling skills

Soft Skills

§       Strong Presentation and Communication skills

§       Presenting Technical Solutions to the entire technical, operations and management teams of customer for the various projects involved.

§       Handholding Project management team with the submitted solutions, committed project schedule, and imparting the project team on the complete technical clarification commitments to customer

§       Developing strategic relationships within partners in order to develop a broader solution offering.

§       Developing solutions for target markets

§       Identifying strategic acquisitions with complementary technology and or customer base

Product Knowledge

§       Posses In-depth product knowledge and have been trained on the following products:

§       Tellabs’ Martis DXX – GMU, A111, Focus LX and Martis DXX Manager, Ethernet Service unit to provide IP over SDH solutions

§       Alcatel’s DWDM, SDH, SONET, DSLAM and Datacomm product range

§       Cisco’s frame relay, ATM, GSR, and ISP related products

§       Lucent’s SDH, SONET, DWDM and DSLAM

§       Huawei’s SDH, DWDM, ACCESS and Datacomm products

§       SUN’s Presales and SE Training

§      ECI’s XDM, Igate – Voice Products (Trained on Igate)